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10k Steps


Recently my friend Kristin bought a little Fitbit device to help her get into shape. After seeing it in action and hearing her opinion I decided I would check it out. I’ve had pedometers in the past, but really they were not always accurate and the clicking sound they make drove me nuts.

I ended up ordering a Fitbit for myself. I figured that if nothing else it would definitely make me more aware of how much (or more likely little) activity I was doing during the day. Considering I have a desk job, I figured my average steps would be fairly low. I decided to add 10k steps to my 35 in 35 list.

I am happy to report that it has not be difficult to get to 10k steps. I think that my average daily activity was probably around 7k steps per day, which is more than the average American according to a 2003 study. Getting the extra 3k didn’t take long. Now, as you can see, I’m up over 10k per day. I am going to strive to make 10k the daily goal. If I can move up to 15k or more that would be great, but I’m not going to get ahead of myself.


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Luna Bright

Luna has been working on learning to roller skate. It’s going about as well as you’d expect.

However, looking at this picture, I thought it was the absolute perfect snap shot of her personality without even showing her cute little face. It’s colorful and bright and sporty. I wish I had gotten her other foot in the picture as well, because you’d see that, as usual, her socks were mismatched. She is 100% her own confident little spit-fire of a person!


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Since moving back to suburbia, things have been… difficult. Not only have the emotions of going through a divorce been a rollercoaster, but it seems that around every corner is a calamity, some minor, others major. And in the midst of it, my property has been slowly changing piece-by-piece. It has been a challenge to keep my mind focused and not feel beaten down by every event.

First my air conditioning went out. I managed to get it fixed, but with a 23 year-old system, there was no guarantee.

And then it went out again just 3 weeks later. This time it was beyond repair. It needed replacing. Awesome. (Yep, that’s sarcasm.)

Next came a leak in the sprinkler backflow pipe. After several fixes over the year, it needed replacing. Oh yeah, and sprinklers, too. Many, many sprinklers. (Firing my lawn service was the best decision I’ve made.)

The most recent offense was the mailbox. My poor little mailbox. Someone maliciously assaulted my mailbox. Actually it was just the post; the mailbox survived without any issue. The irony is that it needed replacing anyway, so it was a loss all around.

I know that owning a home is a money pit. And logically I realize that the universe does not have it out for me. But ugh. Just ugh.

I’m trying to look at it in a positive light; maybe this is all happening to solidify this as my space. It is making this my home, slowly and methodically erasing the past that I shared here with exHusband. I just wish it would give me break! Can’t a girl get just one month without a costly repair?